NBBR-Frequently Asked Questions - NBBR-Frequently Asked Questions -

Located in the heart of the historic Balboa Fun Zone waterfront, Newport Beach Boat Rentals is home to Newport Harbor’s largest and most diversified rental fleet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we bring anything with us on the boat?

A: Yes! Food, drink, and even your pets are allowed on our boats.

Q: How many people can fit on each boat?

A: Depending on the length, each boat varies with how many people they can fit. You will find the maximum number of people allowed onboard within each specific description of our fleet.

Q: Is it hard to drive a boat and what is the age limit to drive?

A: The boats are very simple to drive! Maximum speed in our electric boats is 5 mph. You must be 21 years old to drive and present a valid driver’s license. Before takeoff, our dock master gives the captain a very detailed description of the Bay, where to go, and what you can see.

Q: Do the boats have sound systems?

A: Yes, and they also have an aux outlet if you would like to bring your own cables to play from your own player.

Q: Are you pet friendly?

A: Yes! We love all animals. For the safety of your pet, we recommend bringing their own life vests.

Q: Where can I park? Is it free?

A: There is parking at the Balboa Pier City lot and Palm Street lot, as well as metered and non-metered street parking.  We recommend allowing up to 30 minutes to find parking during our peak summer months.

Q: Are life jackets provided?

A: Yes, life jackets are provided for all persons and mandatory for 12 and under.

Q: What time should we arrive before our reservation?

A: Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your reservation for check in.

Q: Is swimming or fishing from the boats allowed?

A: As much as we would love to allow a quick dip in the harbor, unfortunately there is no swimming or fishing from the boats. These activities are considered safety hazards and are strictly prohibited.

Q: Are there places to dock while we are out?

A: Yes, if public dock space is available you may dock there and/or at any restaurant, which has available dock parking. Feel free to ask for some recommendations when you check-in!

Q: How long does it take to circle the entire harbor?

A: It takes approximately two-hours to circle the entire harbor.

Q: What is the speed of the boats?

A: All boats are restricted to 5 mph in the harbor.

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