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Outreach Programs

We love traveling to schools across Southern California to host in-class and after-school learning programs! Call us today to learn how you can book an after school program for your school.

Below are examples of the topics we can bring to your students. Activities will help enhance critical thinking skills by engaging in hands-on activities using a STEM-based perspective.

Renewable Energy-Solar and Wind-Powered Cars

(Grades: 4th – 12th)
Students build and test solar-powered cars, solar-powered boats, and wind-driven turbines. In addition, students will investigate renewable energy sources and perform tests associated with structural integrity, speed and efficiency.

Environmental Engineering

(Grades: 4th – 12th)
Students investigate the effect of urbanization on our environment and learn how eco-friendly planning and construction can work in harmony with (and contribute to) the environment. Students will examine storm water pollution and design structures, including green rooftops and permeable pavement, to minimize environmental impact.

Underwater Robotics

(Grades: 6th – 12th)
Student will apply engineering practices while working in teams to construct an underwater, remotely-operated vehicle (ROV) that can perform a variety of tasks, such as retrieving underwater objects.

Innovation Showcase

(Grades: 4th – 12th)
Students participate in hands-on engineering projects centered on harnessing and controlling energy (light and motion) to gain skills needed to create their own innovative project. Explorations include: circuits, deconstructing and building motors, designing switches and open-ended, student-driven projects.